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  • Generally speaking and no matter what its composition, a precious jewel is delicate and should be treated with the greatest care. A few simple actions and precautions will help you maintain the beauty and radiance of your jewellery.


  • When not worn, each jewel should be put away separately, so that the stones and metals do not rub against or scratch each other. We recommend you keep your jewellery in its original case for protection.


  • When you are wearing it, we recommend you do not wear your jewels when you are swimming or engaged in sports. It's also best to avoid direct sunlight or high temperatures such as in a sauna.


  • We recommend you regularly check your jewels; particularly the setting of the stones to make sure they are perfectly held into place. we advise you to put on or remove the jewellery gently, try avoid to touch and push the stones, pearls, it might cause damage.


  • Pearls are organic gemstones that are vulnerable to acid, alkaline and extremes of humidity. To preserve your pearls' radiance, avoid letting them come into contact with any chemicals, detergents or beauty products ,such as cosmetics, hair spray, or perfume.


  • If the radiance of your jewellery appears to be diminishing, take it to a specialist. Ultrasonic cleanser should never be used with pearl jewellery as it can damage the pearls.